What Is The Most Common Form Of Cancer?

Cancer is definitely one of the most known killer diseases out there, and in recent years it seems to have become more and more common. There are many different types of cancer, and sometimes you may not even realise you can develop cancer in a certain area of the body until you actually find it. Unfortunately, there isn’t just one most common type as there are so many common forms which are known, and in this article we will look at these in more detail.

Nowadays, the most common types of cancer people experience are; cancer of the lung, Liver, stomach, breast, cervix, prostate and blood. These are briefly explained below:

Lung Cancer

One of the strongest strains of cancer is known to be lung cancer. This is often primarily caused by years of excessive smoking for some, due to the toxic chemicals used to produce cigarettes. The other cause that is often less heard about is from a condition known as radon poisoning, which is a gas produced from radioactive elements which can be found in the ground, and most often under people’s houses. Lung cancer is known to have the least survival rates due to its aggressiveness, and therefore it spreads more rapidly than other types.

Liver Cancer

Our livers are crucial to the normal functioning of our bodies, and without them we wouldn’t be able to survive. Usually cancer in the liver begins from other parts of the body and is transported here through filtration of the blood. In the case of cancer developing in the liver, the main cause is usually down to extreme alcohol abuse. It can also be caused by infections like hepatitis B, but alcohol is known as the most common culprit.

Stomach Cancer

Another common cancer commonly diagnosed is Stomach cancer. It is known that this type affects the stomach lining and is often difficult to detect in the beginning. Stomach cancer can be caused by a poor diet of processed foods, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is among of the biggest killers when it comes to Women. Although it is more common for women, men can also contract it too even though it is less spoken about. This cancer claims so many lives and is often misdiagnosed due to it being so common. It is known that 10% of breast cancers can be linked to heredity and genetics. There are also other risks which can contribute such as poor diet, too much sun, exaggerated alcohol consumption and smoking. It is recommended for women to perform regular checks for any unusual lumps.

Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is another common cancer among women. This happens more often in less developed countries due to a lack of medical testing supplies. In recent years however, it has become more common in the more developed countries. Regular smear tests are administrated to women in order to check for cervical cancer, and like most cancers, it is critical that this strain of cancer is found in advance to prevent it from spreading.

Prostate Cancer

One of the biggest cancers among males is known to be prostate cancer. This is a very aggressive type as there are usually no symptoms until it’s already spread elsewhere in the body. This is why prostate cancer claims so many lives as it’s often hard to diagnose, and sometimes once it has it can be too late for the patient. It’s recommended for males to perform regular checks in order to find anything that doesn’t feel right.


Another common type of cancer is Leukaemia which is cancer of the blood. Unlike other cancers where the person’s lifestyle can heavily contribute to it, Leukaemia happens when too many red blood cells are formed and take over the healthy ones, leading to increased chances of infection. This is often diagnosed through blood tests which can show the cell count, by therefore showing any abnormalities.

It is clear that the causes for cancer definitely vary. However, poor diet choices can certainly contribute to many of the types, and when it comes to alcohol consumption and smoking, the less you take the better it will leave you in the long run.